Life in Korea

Learning My Address & The Art of McDelivery

One would expect before arriving to their new apartment that they would be informed of it’s location. One would also expect to be aware if they would have an apartment ready for them or if they were going to stay in a hotel first. Well, I did get to stay in my apartment the first night I arrived, but I was never told my address. I asked a fellow teacher if they knew and they didn’t. They’ve been living here for a month already and I knew that I either needed to ask or find out on my own. I really wanted to know my address for one specific thing: food delivery. Korea, in my opinion, has the best delivery service in the world. No matter where you are, they will find you and deliver your food with great speed. How they do it, I don’t know. It will be a mystery that I will never like to find out.

Since my Korean is poor and I also don’t have a Korean phone number yet, I can’t call a restaurant to buy  food. But I did know one place that I could do everything through an app or online: McDonald’s. My only problem was, I didn’t know my address. Two times before I decided to have food delivered, I was going to meet two of my friends and when they asked me where I lived, I had to use Google maps. Turned out that Google maps gave me the location of the building next door and not the one I am in. I had to go outside to find one of the names on the building and told them that so they could find me. But for food, I can’t enter in “I live in the same building as Solium Hotel”. That won’t work.

I will forever be grateful for internet friends. When I got to Changwon, I tried to find people who lived here or near here that I could possibly have a language exchange with. Luckily I found one and he has been a great help. When I told him that I didn’t know my address, he figured it out for me. After a few error reports on McDelivery’s website, he finally figured it out. Ever since then, I’ve ordered five times. Once, I ordered twice in one day. They tell you when they are cooking it, when they have left and when it is being delivered. I usually get my food in 20-30 minutes of me ordering.

One thing that I have found myself enjoying, is their chicken wings. In America, we don’t have that in our McDonalds. Well, most of the menu here, we don’t have in America. Also, they make churros and good ones at that. They are really heavy on the cinnamon though, which I’m not really complaining  about since I love cinnamon with a passion. But, here are some of the things that you can find here on the menu:


I have never been too big of a fan of McDonald’s, but it has saved me from starving here. I will forever be grateful.

This was a little rushed, but thanks for reading! I must get ready for work now. Until next time!


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