Party of One: A Memoir in 21 Songs Review

Author: Dave Holmes

Year: 2016

Genre: Memoir

Pages: 288

Former MTV VJ, Dave Holmes, shares his story and awkward journey in life in the form of a humorously written album of 21 songs and a bonus track. Each chapter is filled with memories, starting from when he was a child that are easily relatable. He struggled in life trying to be what he believed everyone wanted him to be, finding his place in life, making the right choices, and most importantly, finding himself. He shared his struggles of growing up gay during a time when it was seen as the ultimate evil, then eventually being openly gay at a Catholic college, and then choosing all the wrong kinds of men in New York while constantly dealing with rejection because you had to look a certain way to be considered attractive enough. He also shared his struggles in the workforce. We all have, at one point in our lives or you may be in this situation now, have been unhappy with our jobs or are at a job you aren’t even good at. That was Holmes and he one day took a chance, got second place to be MTV’s new VJ, networked and then found his place. Sort of. It was a start. Entertainment was where he belonged and he knew it from when he was a kid. It was evident from the beginning of the book.

Each chapter was a musical journey. He grew up pop-culture obsessed and it made sense that there were songs for each important (and not so important) moments in his life. There were songs that helped him make decisions in life or taught him much needed lessons. There were songs that just fitted the situation he was in. If you want the full experience of this memoir, I highly recommend listening to the songs during his “Interludes”.

Personally, I loved this book. Music is something that has a great influence in my life and just as Holmes struggled to find out who he was and where he belonged, I myself am doing the same. I think anyone can see a bit of themselves in this book. No, you don’t have to go through the same things as he did, but if you are lost, you are lost. We just have to take chances, learn from our mistakes, and never give up. We need to not only do that, but to accept each other and pave the way for others who come after us. Be the voice that someone may need later on. So, do I recommend you to read this book? Yes. Yes, I do. Why? Because we can all learn something from it. Plus, it can give you a bit of nostalgia and nostalgia is always fun.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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