Well, Halloween has now passed, but I fail to believe it. I kind of started the holiday a tad bit early in September when I went to Everland during the Chuseok holiday, which also happened to be its 40th anniversary. The entire amusement park was decked out in Halloween decorations and I was in love. For a moment, I felt as if I was in Halloweentown. The amusement park itself is okay, but exceptionally great if you have children. If you do go with your children, bring a stroller. You will thank me later. If you are an adult, go with a really good group of friends that like to take pictures, ride rollercoasters, and watch live performances. Other than that, there is not much to do as an adult. There is the zoo, but that experience will be shared in a later post when the disgust settles down a bit more. But enough chit chat from me. Here are some of my favorite photos of the Halloween decorations that I never got around to editing.


Now, for the park itself. There are different “countries” and “continents” you can visit. They really aren’t anything near to what the actual countries represent. Yeah, in “America” they had a burger joint and a Columbus boat ride. I did go on the boat ride and I still hate heights.


There were many different restaurants that you could choose from, including a traditional restaurant. But what tickled me the most was in “Europe”. They had different signs for bars and food shops that seem like they would be from the respective countries, but the food was not. Churros were everywhere. It was churros land.


Since it was Chuseok, they did have traditional games for people to play and a performance. We didn’t stay too long for the performance, because they took forever to get to it. They were playing this game that got boring very quickly for those watching it, but not for those playing it. Everyone had to either choose X or O and if you were on the right side, you got to keep playing. If you weren’t on the right side, you had to leave the game. The people who were dressed up for the traditional fairytale performance were in the crowd. They were interesting to see nonetheless, because they stayed in character the whole time.


They were also having a literary festival in the flowers garden. I had a little too much fun there. Especially when you notice the difference plays.


I was also in love with the flowers.


There really isn’t much to say about the amusement park itself, except that it is better for families and there is an extreme amount of walking. If you are an adult and are going with other adults, I would suggest going when the tickets are on sale for foreigners like me and my companions did. It isn’t worth the full price. Now I will leave you with a few more photos. I promise that I will edit them one day and make them look nicer or how I want them to look. Thanks for reading and until next time!




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