Mad for Garlic

Mad for Garlic is an Italian restaurant chain in Korea and garlic is basically in every dish. Not all, but mostly. They are on the pricy side, because it is more of a high-class restaurant but the food is absolutely worth it.

I had the Herb Ribeye Steak and even though I had ordered well-done, it came back to me as an odd in-between of medium-well and well-done. It wasn’t too much of a problem, because the steak was cooked really well and was juicy.


It came  with green beans, onions, a potato and cheese fondue, and roasted whole garlic with a small bowl of seasoning and sauce on the side. The potato and cheese fondue was incredible. You didn’t know where the cheese started and where the potatoes ended. It was hard to take just one bite with it having the perfect creamy and cheesy texture. The steak was great by itself but dipped in their seasoning mix and sauce, it was elevated to being an explosion of flavor in your mouth. I was tempted to ask them for more at the end, but the small amount was the perfect ratio for the entire steak.

But the star of the show was the garlic. It was roasted whole and the waiter pushes the cloves out in front of you. I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to eating garlic because of how strong its flavor is, but this time I had a completely different experience. The garlic was creamy and it melted in my mouth. After I had tried it, I began to spread it quite easily onto my steak. With the garlic on the steak  and being dipped in the seasoning and sauce, it became the perfect marriage of flavors.

Needless to say, I had an incredible experience at this restaurant. I would love to go again, but it will only be as a treat to myself before leaving Changwon in July if I decide to get steak again. I might try something else on their extensive menu.

If you would like to see their menu, their prices, and locations, check out their website: If you are in Changwon and would like to go, it is on the first floor the Rivera Convention building.


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