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Discovering Myself Through PIIT

For the past nine days, I have been dedicating myself to the PIIT28 workout program and the 28 Day Reset Vegan challenge to become a better version of myself and the version of myself that I want to be.

For the past nine days, I have been dedicating myself to the PIIT28 workout program and the 28 Day Reset Vegan challenge to become a better version of myself and the version of myself that I want to be. I have never really been one for gyms, lacked motivation for exercising and sticking with an exercise routine, and being in Korea, I have found myself being extremely unhealthy and feeling like crap. So, why PIIT and the 28 Day Reset?

  1. Cassey Ho (Blogilates and Popilates creator) has been the only person to truly keep me going while exercising. I’ve followed her for years, watching her videos and trying to do the exercises myself, succeeded in only completing three weeks of her beginner’s workout calendar and maybe twelve days of her waist training challenge. I even own her book.
  2. I needed something with a clear plan, flexibility in schedule, and details that I could follow.
  3. I needed the bang for my buck.
  4. I wanted something that would get me fit without taking hours of my time.
  5. I wanted a start on being healthy, learning control and a pathway to becoming vegan in the future.

So far, this program has been amazing and the community that is part of it is incredible and I love it. Every day I am motivated to keep going, especially when I see the other girls and guys pushing just as hard as I am and harder. If I ever have a question, there is always someone to give me some advice on the forum. The first three days were rough, because I was sore and my wrists were in pain. But on day four and after, I didn’t feel sore anymore. There are little places here and there that remind me that I worked them out, but there really isn’t any pain. Even my back pain isn’t as severe anymore. This just shows me that I am getting stronger. Taking the five minutes to do the warm-up, the 28 minutes and 40 seconds to do the PIIT workout, and another five minutes to do the warm-down, in which the warm-up and warm-down help with flexibility, has been something I have been easily been able to achieve. The workouts seem faster and the warm-ups and warm-downs have been getting easier.  I love it. I don’t see myself giving up in my near future.

I am also fining where parts of my body are tighter than they should be and some parts aren’t moving the way they should. This has also been motivating me to focus on proper form and really getting my body to realign itself. I have had a lot of progress in loosening a lot of my tightest muscles and getting my hip and knees not to move in ways they shouldn’t. I am also discovering that I am not as weak as I thought I was and by getting stronger every day gets me excited.

Even for the reset, I have been noticing the changes. Yeah, the transition from eating a ton of meat to none at all with the either reset dietary restrictions was rough, but I no longer have that constant sick feeling anymore. I have more energy through the day and finding creative ways to make meals have been fun. I’m even trying new things and loving them.

Honestly, if you are wanting a new workout routine that can easily fit in your schedule and is something that is cheaper than the gym membership you pay for or you just don’t like going to the gym, I highly recommend signing up for the PIIT program. You get access to everything for life and you get to join an amazing and supportive community.

The PIIT28 1.0 Power Pack is what I have and it includes the PIIT28 workout program e-book, printables and videos along with the 28 Day Reset nutrition guide and cookbook e-book. I currently have the vegan edition of the 28 Day Reset program. You can click here. If you just want the PIIT28 1.0 program, you can click this link here or if you just want the 28 Day Reset program, you can click here.

You can follow my journey on instagram (@lilweisel).



    1. You will love it and this is coming from someone who hates exercising. I absolutely love the PIIT28 program and how much progress I have made in just 9 days. I feel amazing. Being vegan has been hard, but I feel a heck of a lot better. Thanks 🙂

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