Holi Hai in Busan

In March, I had the chance to experience Holi Hai, also known as the Festival of Colors, in Busan. If you aren’t familiar with Holi, it is a Hindu festival from India and Nepal that celebrates the incoming spring. The festival was filled with Bollywood music, dancing, and colorful powder.

It was amazing to experience another kind of culture outside of their native home. I always find it incredible and inspiring that people from other countries don’t let go of their traditions, but share it with others. It opens the eyes of others to different cultures and celebrations while bringing us together.

The festival was filled with colored powder being thrown every hour with people dancing and enjoying being covered in an array of colors together. We were all strangers, but in those few hours, we were all a community, a family. Here are a few photos that I took while there.

CoupleDancing GirlsDarioushFather and DaughterPowder Fight

If you are ever in Busan or find a city near you that has a Holi Hai celebration, I highly recommend going. You won’t regret it. Let yourself be free and celebrate the incoming of spring, its beautiful flowers and new, positive relationships with the people in your life. I know I sure did!

Me in Holi Hai



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