Author: Melissa Scrivner Love
Published: March 21, 2017
Genre: Crime Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
Pages: 336
Rating: 4/5

Melissa Scrivner Love sets up her debut novel with a small, yet up-and-coming gang, led by someone no one looked twice at because of her gender. Lola had managed to show yourself as being submissive and loving girlfriend to whom people thought was the leader of the Crenshaw Six, Garcia. Only those in the gang knew the truth. She’s the real leader and Love puts her life on a time clock from the get go. It isn’t until six chapters in where Lola decides to start to let down the whole charade.

Lola is a powerful, strong, and intelligent woman who was tired of being in the shadows. She struggles with compassion for the ones she cares about, but tries not to let her emotions get in the way of what she needs and wants to achieve. She wants to work for no one. She even starts to care for a child that isn’t hers and wants a better life for the girl.

The book is filled with drugs, cartels, money, murder, and rape. Some things are only mentioned and some things are at the forefront. Love explores the dark side of the business and corruption, while also showing strong female characters. Twist after twist, Love brings you in and has you rooting for Lola.

Yes, there are moments where Lola becomes repetitive in her thinking and sometimes it is annoying, but it makes her real. No, we usually don’t want to continuously read the same thoughts that goes through a person’s mind, but with Lola, it just makes you remember that she is human and she feels. Even though she wants to come across as a ghetto Mexican woman with power that is always in control, she isn’t always in control. There is something about her that makes you want to get closer to her, that makes you want her to live throughout it all. You want her to succeed. She is fractured, but she does not let it break her. She lets it fuel her and that is where her strength lies. She is unforgettable.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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