Toxic: The Final Moments

Every image has a story and the story behind this one is toxic, which made it the hardest photo I have ever touched, the hardest image I have had to look at, and the hardest image I have had to remember.

Final Moments

I remember this moment well. This is where promises and lies intermingled, creating an illusion of hope and a stable future.

Three years stuck. Stuck in a loop of love, pain, and destruction.

But this photo represents much more to me now. It serves as a reminder.

Don’t fall for the same traps.

I find myself coming across men who would rather feign interest and friendship in order to use me for their own gains and personal pleasure.

I am tired. I am broken. I am done.

Why do we continue to let pain in? The constant apologies? The lies that at first weren’t lies, but became them?

I needed healing for sanity.

Editing this photo was an odd way of therapy. His face represents every man that has hurt me, used me, betrayed me. Whether they were family, friends, lovers or someone random. They’ve become strangers to me now. Faces I wish to erase from my memories.

I am in a constant state of recovery.



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