Field Trip to a Farm

Every month, if we don’t have a holiday activity planned, SLP goes on a field trip. For my last field trip with them in June, we had returned to my director’s farm. The students were currently learning about what plants need to grow and how to take care of the earth.

The weather in Korea at the time had been really hot and humid without any rain, which became a great teaching example for the students, but wasn’t so great for the farm. The farm also had a fight with a pig. It had eaten all of the watermelon and dug up all of the potatoes. So, the farm wasn’t in its best form as it was when we went when I had first gone to Korea. It was fun though watching our director start working on his farm while we were there. He couldn’t help himself.

But, the children had a blast. They got to see, smell, touch and pick rosemary, mint, and thyme. A few even took the mint plants out of the ground with the roots.

Some got to learn about new insects and vegetables. They also got to gather potatoes, even though they didn’t get to keep them. Which was probably for the best, since there were a few who were hoarding potatoes and I highly doubt their parents would have been too pleased with their child bringing a ton of potatoes home.

Afterwards, the kids had a snack and played while the bus drivers and our director played soccer tennis (?). Our time there was cut a little short, because at last, it started to rain. Nevertheless, we had a wonderful time and I know that every year the children learn something new there.


Here, you can watch my SnapStory to see our time there.


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