Sangjogam County Park (Goseong Dinosaur Park)

If you are a dinosaur, science, or history lover, the Sangjogam County Park (상족암군립공원) Cretaceous Dinosaur Theme Park (백악기공룡테마파크) in Goseong, South Korea is a must to visit.

Me and T-Rex

You get to walk where the dinosaurs did and see their actual footprints that had naturally fossilized along the shore line. Along the way, there are signs that tell you what kinds of dinosaurs walked there, why the rocks were a different color or texture, and information about how the footprints became permanent in the ground.

FootprintFootprintsRed Rocks

Its a peaceful and beautiful walk to where the Dinosaur Museum and the play area for families. You even get to walk into a small, but natural cave that is near the beach. Most go to the area for hiking if they didn’t come for the dinos.

Family on the beachBrothers

When you get to the family area, they have statues of different dinosaurs with information about them.

T-RexDino HuntingEgg Eater

There is even a fun maze you can go through to find baby dinosaurs, which I was clearly happy to find. They were so cute!


If the hike and the family park wasn’t enough for you, you can go inside the dinosaur museum. My friend and I didn’t go in it, but I still recommend going so you can get the full experience. So start at the fishing village and work your way along. Don’t forget to enjoy the view!

Me at GoseongBoats


618, Jaranman-ro, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 고성군 하이면 자란만로 618

Directions by Bus:
Take a County Bus heading to Sangjokam from Goseong Bus Terminal (40-50 minute ride) and get off at Sangjokam County Park or take bus no. 10 heading to Weolheung / Deungmyeon from Samcheonpo Compound Bus Terminal (30 minute ride) and get off at Sanjokam County Park.



    1. Traveling Curiosity

      I did! So, the bus terminal really isn’t a bus terminal by the park. There is a bus from the museum part that will take you back, but you will have to ask the information desk or ticket operator which bus it is and the times. My friend and I had missed the last one, but the ticket operator was nice enough to call us a taxi. Ah and once you do get off the bus for the park, you will have to walk a bit to actually get there.

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