Noroi: The Curse (ノロイ)

Next on my short-list is a mockumentary horror film that took me three tries to watch to completion. Noroi: The Curse is a Japanese film that made me truly never want to watch a mockumentary ever again. It also is a film that broke the mold for the length of a Japanese horror film, making it stand out from the get-go.

The story centers on the documentary of an ancient demon that has caused its documentarian, Masafumi Kobayashi, to disappear. We watch through the tape as the paranormal export investigates paranormal activities that relate to the ancient demon legend, “kagutaba.”

The plot is complex, the characters are interesting and most scenes are quite disturbing. Some scenes still haunt my dreams years later. It is also a film where I wanted to see a part two, which is extremely rare, especially since I have never been a fan of the found-footage genre. It happens to be one of the best created in my opinion. I also need to know what happens next after that final scene that had my jaw to the floor while also being completely petrified. But alas, 13 years after its initial release, Koji Shiraishi leaves us in suspense.

Where to watch: Shudder
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Year: 2005
Starring: Jin Muraki, Rio Kanno, Tomono Kuga
Directed by: Koji Shiraishi
Written by: Koji Shiraishi


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