Perception: A Photo Series

We hear the saying, “A picture can say a thousand words” quite often, but sometimes we don’t take the time to actually look at what we are seeing and what it is saying. Sometimes photographs are taken for fun, with no real meaning behind them. But there are times when a photograph is taken for a purpose, taken to deliver a message. KC Adams, with Perception, is doing just that. She is not only delivering a message, she is also making a statement in order to break down the racial prejudices and stereotypes towards the indigenous community in Canada.

As I looked at each side-by-side head shot of different indigenous men and women, it was powerful to not only see the difference in their facial expressions based on how they felt being called a racial slur versus remembering a happy memory, but it was also powerful to see the amount of emotion in each photograph. There were some that I could feel their pain through their eyes to the point it made me cry, as they might have done so many times before. There were some that I could feel their anger and their anger is rightfully justified.

Natives throughout the world are commonly looked down upon and a lot of times suffer the worst among people of color. The amount of disrespect towards them is upsetting and bewildering. The amount of missing natives, the amount of murdered natives, the amount of brutally beaten and raped natives rarely get an outcry in the media. But there are those, like KC Adams and some of the subjects in her photo series, that are fighting against the injustice towards the indigenous people. They continuously make an impact in their community and make it very clear that they aren’t different from any other human that you encounter.

From looking at the first picture that shows their reaction to what people think of them to looking at their second picture that shows their look of pure happiness coupled with their name, their tribes, and the words they would use to describe themselves is what is causing people to think twice, think differently, and spark conversation.

Perception: A Photo Series will be released this year in September. Pre-order now or buy in stores when it is released. It is a must have.


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