The Course of History: Ten Meals That Changed the Course of History

From the significant moments in your life and in our world history, we rarely think about the meals that surrounded the moments that inspired the events. Struan Stevenson cleverly gives the spotlight to the meals that have influenced some of the biggest events in our history with a detailed menu with recipes recreated by Tony Singh, MBE.

The Course of History is entertaining and is filled with drama, scandals, and makes you feel like you are reading a gossip magazine getting the scoop on what transpired before, during, and after the meals. It also gives the reader an interesting and new perspective on how much a meal can influence a person. Throughout history, people in power have ordered elaborate meals paired with a great deal of alcoholic drinks in order to get their way or influence their guest(s). Meals were strategic and held, and still hold today, a great deal of power.

What makes this book stand out the most is that not only are you getting a great dose of international history, but you also are able to recreate the meals if you are adventurous or love cooking. It’s a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. This is the perfect book for foodies and history lovers alike.


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