Be A Super Awesome Photographer

Henry Carroll brings to the photography world, Be A Super Awesome Photographer, a handy guide with 20 photo challenges with real photographic examples. This book is great for beginners wanting to challenge themselves in a fun way. Carroll gives brief explanations as to why each photo he chose works or the inspiration behind each photograph while also giving the reader and budding photographer tips on how to create their own version of the photograph.

Though not incredibly detailed, this is a good book to start with. It does not go into detail to teach you about how to use the functions on your camera, so I wouldn’t recommend relying solely on this book. At the end, there are other fun suggestions for books that will help you on your photographic journey. Be A Super Awesome Photographer is filled with optimism and encouragement and I hope you will have a lot of fun doing each of the challenges.

The challenges really are fun to do and the hardest one for me was #11: Blur the Boundaries. It was hard mainly because I always make sure my photos are in focus and it’s hard to let them not be. Here’s my attempt below:

Blur the Boundaries

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